Sudoku online

Why play sudoku online at


First, the grids are free! It's a good start! :-)

Anywhere with virtually no data consumption

Second, you can play anywhere. We've made our grid pages as light as possible. Only 15 KB! And with compression, it's even less. Since most of the competitors have pages 30-60 times heavier (between 500KB and 1000KB), you can play 30-60 sukodu online at with the same amount of mobile data as is needed for play one sudoku by competitors! So our page is faster and lighter to save you time and data! You can check this on the well-known Pingdom tool More info. If we take into account the amount of transferred data reported by Pingdom (4KB), you can even play 120-240 more sudokus on than on competing sites with the same amount of data.
How did we achieve it? It's easy ! We've removed everything that is not needed to play Sudoku online. So no ads, no tracking, no images ... Just your sudoku!

Easy to correct

Third, it is easier to check for errors online. On paper, no one will help you find the numbers that are in the wrong place. On, we give you some indications but not too much! By clicking on "Check", you will immediately see which of your numbers are not in the right place. It's so easy online! Nonetheless, we would like you to continue to investigate why you should fix them better. Online it's easier than on paper but the pleasure of sudoku remains to make your mind work :-)

The desired level

By playing sudoku online, you can choose the best level for you at any time. You like to play hard sudoku or evil sudoku, you can do it.


You are on vacation. You have completed your sudoku book! In this country, there is no way to buy new ones! No please! Holidays without sudoku are not holidays! :-) Do not worry! With your Sudoku online, you have an unlimited number of puzzles always available in your pocket. And because offers the lightest pages on the web, your roaming cost will be very low and your enjoyment unlimited!

Share easily

This Sudoku was so amazing!? You can easily share it with your friends. Just click a button and send it by email or Facebook!

Yes, what about the paper?

Playing Sudoku on paper is fun. I love this ! But playing Sudoku online has so many advantages that today I would never pay or cut down a tree to play Sudoku again. Let's play Sudoku online. Save money ... and the world! :-)

Play sudoku online at